St Kitts Second Passport Program

St Kitts second passport which is also called the citizenship by investment program is just one of two economic citizenship programs in the Caribbean. The Island of Dominica has its second passport program which is simply called Dominica economic citizenship program. St Kitts second passport program is open to all applicants who are not eligible for St Kitts citizenship through marriage, residency or blood relations. St Kitts second passport program has two options; Citizenship by investment and the Sugar Industry Diversification Foundation (SIDF) option.

A St Kitts citizenship second passport program is one of the oldest known economic citizenship programs which started in 1984. With the Citizenship by Investment or real estate option an applicant can make an investment of US$ 400,000 in a real estate property which has been approved by the Government of St Kitts. This investment does not include application fees for the main applicant and any other person above 18, registered agent fees, due diligence fees and processing fees. A single applicant can apply for this option as well as a main applicant with spouse and children below eighteen. Applicants with unmarried above 18 are expected to make further cash contribution.

The SIDF options has four categories which includes single applicant (USD$ 250,000), applicant with three dependents (USD$300,000), applicant with five dependents (USD$350,000) and applicants with six or more dependents (USD$450,000). Contributions in this option already include all processing fees and government fees.

Due diligence fees are set at USD$ 7,500 for the main applicant and USD$ 4,000 for any person (over 16) included in the application process. Registered agent fees which are not included must also be paid by the applicant.

When applying for St Kitts economic citizenship program the following must be submitted through a registered agent operating locally in St Kitts and Nevis. The Government of St Kitts and Nevis will only recognize applicants for its Citizenship by Investment Program which are filed by registered agents.

    • Complete C1 Form- application form for each person included in citizenship program
    • Complete C2 Form- Signature and Photograph Certificate
    • Complete C3 Form- Medical Certificate
    • Complete C4 Form- Investment confirmation — main applicant only
    • 6 passport photographs for each person in the application process
    • Birth certificates for all
    • Certified copies of passport pages
    • Police Certificate of Character
    • Certified copies of national identification

The process of applying for St Kitts second passport program takes between 4 and 6 months to complete. There is no obligation for the applicant to visit St Kitts to acquire citizenship.

St Kitts second citizenship program has numerous advantages including visa free travel to a many countries including the Schengen States. All real estate properties purchased in the Citizenship by investment option can be resold five (5) years after the initial investment was made and the new buyer does not qualify for citizenship of St Kitts and Nevis through the second passport program. Contributions made in the SIDF options are used for opening new industries and employment opportunities for displaced workers of the now defunct St Kitts sugar industry.

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