Second Passport Programs

Legitimate second passport programs can be found in the Caribbean islands of Dominica and St Kitts and Nevis are popularly referred to as economic citizenship programs. Second passport programs can be best explained as making a contribution to one of the two countries in exchange for citizenship and legitimate second passports. This removes the need to reside on the islands for a significant period of time before citizenship can be requested from the government. Second passport programs have many benefits which are especially important to residents of countries which are regarded as unstable.

The legitimate second passport programs are in Dominica and St Kitts. These legal economic citizenship programs are supported by specific legislation in the respective countries. St Kitts second passport began n 1984 when parliament amended the St Kitts Citizenship Act. This makes the St Kitts and Nevis economic citizenship program the oldest in the Caribbean. The 2nd passport program of St Kitts is up and running and has not suffered any glitches in it’s almost thirty (30) years of existence.

Dominica economic citizenship program has its legal base in the Naturalization and Citizenship Act which had previously only allowed persons who had resided in the country for a period of five (5) or more years to become naturalized citizens of Dominica. Amendments made to this act in 1993 now make it possible for the Government of Dominica to grant citizenship by waving the residency period through the Dominica economic citizenship program. Successful applicants can now become citizens of Dominica by making a stipulated economic investment in the country.

The second passport programs which are being offered are run by the Governments of the Dominica and St Kitts respectively. There are several government ministries directly involved in the economic citizenship programs. Successful applicants can apply for a passport with the Immigration departments in St Kitts and Dominica. To choose a second passport program, the applicant must employ the services of a registered agent. The registered agents are local offices or individuals (lawyers and other professionals) who have received license to provide services for second citizenship.

Second passport programs are legitimate but like many other services and products available today there are always parties who choose to cash in by offering fraudulent services. Persons who are seriously considering applying to second passport program should be aware that sadly there are persons and agencies with websites set up who offer second passports to many countries which are indeed scams. Before an applicant can choose an agent for handling citizenship through a second citizenship program research must be carried out on potential agents and service provider. The Governments providing economic citizenship programs will have a list of all authorised registered agents who can act on behalf of clients.

Second passport programs benefits includes visa free and hassle free travel in politically and economically stable countries. Individuals who live in countries which are unstable can secure citizenship through the second passport programs. The process for second citizenship can take between 3 and 6 months to complete.

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