Second Citizenship

Second citizenship is used to describe the process through which individuals gain citizenship in more than one country or state. Second citizenship is not allowed by a few countries but in most parts of the world this is allowed. Second citizenship can be gained through birth, marriage, naturalization, and if one parent is a citizen. If the chance of the above mentioned options is not available there is a perfectly legal option; Economic citizenship or second citizenship programs. Such second passport programs are available in Dominica and St Kitts and Nevis.

second citizenship is also called dual citizenship and when an individual becomes a citizen of St Kitts or Dominica there is no pressure or obligation for that new citizen to revoke any previous citizenship status which they may have. In fact there is no need for a person who has become a citizen of St Kitts or Dominica to reside in the country. Citizens can reside in any country they desire to. Persons who become citizens through an economic citizenship program have the same rights as individuals who have acquired citizenship through other means.

Dominica and St Kitts second citizenship programs have many benefits to be reaped. Second citizens can apply for Dominica or St Kitts passports which are valid for ten (10) years for adults and five (5) years for children. These passports can be used for visa free travel to over one hundred (100) countries. In cases where visas are required for travel the requirements are usually small and visa approval does not take long as long as all the required documents are filed.

Second citizenships and 2nd passports programs in Dominica and St Kitts are legal and are offered by the governments of the respective countries. For second citizenship programs a registered agent in Dominica or St Kitts will handle all the documents necessary and other concerns of the applicants. Only applications made through registered agents are considered for second citizenship.

The Dominica second citizenship program known as the Dominica economic citizenship program started in 1993 and so far many persons have successfully gained citizenship of the Commonwealth of Dominica. This program has various options; options for families (married couples, married couple with two children and married couples with more than two children) and a Single Person option. The Dominica second citizenship program accepts an economic contribution of USD$ 100,000 for a single applicant and USD$ 175, 000 for a married couple, USD200,00 for a married couple with two children below 18, and provisions are made for families with more than three children.

The St Kitts second citizenship program has been in existence from 1984 and has a real estate option and a Sugar Industry Diversification Foundation option. The real estate option gives applicants the option of investing in the local real estate market and the SIDF options accepts contributions which are used for opening new industries and job opportunities in ST Kitts and Nevis.

Second citizenship programs are perfect for individuals who for some reason feels threatened by their current citizenship for example countries where there is constant unrest and the country might be a terrorist target. Second citizenship provides free movement and the countries being offered are peaceful countries with very low crime rates and opportunities for tax planning among other important benefits.

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