Dominica Second Passport Program

Dominica second passport program is designed to make citizenship of the island available to persons who have no maternal or paternal relations in Dominica or are not married to a Dominican spouse. Dominica citizenship can also be acquired through residency but the second passport program removes the need for residing on the island prior to becoming a citizen. Dominica second citizen program commenced in 1993 with an amendment made to the Dominica Citizenship Act waiving residency for citizenship for individuals and families who could afford the economic citizenship program.

Second passport programs are presently available in two (2) Caribbean nations, Dominica and St Kitts and Nevis. Dominica citizenship program is open to applicants over the age of twenty one (21) through various options; family options and a single applicant option. The entire process of applying for Dominica second passport program takes about three (3) months. Every applicant to the Dominica economic citizenship program must employ the services of a local registered agent to take care of documentation and to act as a liaison with the Government of Dominica. The economic citizenship program of Dominica requires that applicants make an economic contribution already prescribed by the Government of Dominica.

The investment for a Married Couple is US$ 175,000, a Married Couple with Two Children under 18 is US$200,000 and the Single Applicant Option is at US$ 100,000. Provisions are made for families with more than two children and whose children are from the ages of 18 to 25 years of age. The economic investments made to the Dominica second passport program do not include application fees, processing fees, registered agent fees, stamp fees and naturalization fees.

The requirements for Dominica 2nd passport program are listed below.

• Complete Application forms for all included in the process

• 2 personal references for all persons above 18

• Professional reference for the main applicant

• Recommendation from a bank ( the main applicant must have had business relations with the bank for more than 3 years)

• Declaration of source of funds

• Police certificate of character for all applicants over 16

• Marriage certificate

• Birth certificates for all applicants

• 4 passport sized photos for each applicant

• Copies of all University and or college diplomas

• Medical reports for all applicants A Letter addressed to the Minster of Government responsible for the

Dominica Economic Citizenship Program must also be submitted when applying to the Dominica 2nd passport program.

Dominica second citizenship program gives applicants the advantage of traveling to a number of countries around the world visa free and getting visas for other countries is not complicated. There is no obligation or a new citizen of Dominica to reside in the country. The process for passport application after citizenship has been granted is completed in two (2) weeks or less.

Dominica second citizenship program is one of the most affordable economic citizenship programs available to date.

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