Second Passport

Second passports can be obtained easily by qualifying applicants in the economic citizenship programs of Dominica and St Kitts. Second passports are a means of providing security in politically and economically stable countries. The holders of second passports of Dominica and St Kitts are guaranteed visa free travel and all other privileges that citizens of these countries enjoy. To qualify for a second passport in Dominica or St Kitts application must be made through the economic citizenship programs of the respective countries. These are the two known economic citizenship programs which are in existence today.

Second passports can be requested by successful candidates of economic citizenship programs. There is no need to travel to St Kitts to begin the process of applying for second citizenship or 2nd passport. The Dominica economic citizenship program requires that the applicants(s) be present in Dominica for an interview at the last stages of the application process however there is no need to remain on island after the interview, a registered agent will handle all the paperwork involved in applying for a Dominica second passport. The process for application takes approximately 2 weeks and expedited passports can be requested from St Kitts.

The process for second passport application in Dominica is handled by registered agents and the fee for this is already included in the registered agents’ fees. The requirement for Dominica passport application is listed below.

• Two passport sized photographs for each applicant

• Certificate of naturalization for each applicant

• Birth Certificates ( original and copy)

• Complete passport application form

Passport application fee St Kitts economic citizenship/second passport application requirements are as follows:

• Complete application form

• Birth certificate for each applicant (original)

• Two passport sized photos per applicant

• Certificate of naturalization

• Passport application fees

• A marriage certificate must be submitted if the applicant wants to maintain the last name of spouse

The second passport which is provided to successful applicants to the second citizenship programs are valid for ten (10) years for adults and five (5) years for children after which renewal can be processed. Persons who have all their passport pages filled before expiry date can request renewals. In case of lost or stolen passports the holders of second passports are advised to report this to the nearest police station and embassy or consulate.

Stolen or lost passports can be replaced for a fee of USD$ 150 (Dominica) and USD$ 250 (St Kitts). The fees must be accompanied by a police report or affidavit explaining how and where the passport was lost or stolen. With a second passport a new citizens can enjoy visa free travel to many countries. Dominica and St Kitts are members of CARICOM (Caribbean Community) and therefore citizens will benefit from visa free travel and other benefits like residence and being able to purchase lands with the same rights as citizens of these countries. A St Kitts passport provides visa free travel to over 100 hundred countries including the Schengen States.

Owning a second passport in Dominica is St Kitts is a right move towards ensuring a tax free status. Dominica and St Kitts are both tax havens and therefore any foreign earned income remitted will not be subjected to local taxes in these two countries.

Dominica and St Kitts economic citizenship second passport programs have granted citizenship to a number of families who were seeking citizenship in a stable country. The programs are very affordable and the process takes 3- 6 months to complete. The processing time runs smoothly if all the required documents are submitted. Due diligence investigations are required for all persons (above the age of 16).

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